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Writers' Prize


ALFRREDO N. SALANGA, after whom the PBBY Writers’ Prize is named, was one of the founding members of this organization. Frredie was a writer's writer, a man who lived through the blood of his pen as journalist, fictionist, poet and, that most exacting of roles, editor. As a college student, he wrote an essay called "Down from the Hill" that changed forever the way the Ateneo de Manila looked at the place of education in our society. And always he explored and tested, questioned and amplified the role of artists in a country of the poor. His knowledge of the humanities and Philippine culture was expansive, motivated as it was by love for country and pride in our native soul.

His wall-eyed smile inspired younger writers to persevere in their craft. He raised them from the melodrama of adolescent angst with the twinkle of his eye, and set them off to serve not just the muses of Parnassus but the children of the slums. His lumbering gait belied the quickness of his wit. Many writers would not be writing today had they not met this small round man whose girth could not contain his mind, whose mind could not span his heart. His awards are many but his gifts to us are more and so we remember him every year the competition for the Writers’ Prize is held. Let all who compete and all who win remember not only his talent but his service to our souls.


Ang Pambihirang Buhok ni Raquel
Dr. Luis Gatmaitan (author)
Beth Parrocha-Doctolero (illustrator)

1998 Salanga Prize
Honorable Mention